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SINGLE - Je & tu ne croient plus au père noël (2007)

by Marianne Dissard



It was Christmas eve in Tucson, Arizona some years ago...

As far as Christmas songs are concerned, it doesn't get better (or odder) than this little ditty written by Marianne Dissard and Spain's Amparo Sanchez. Here's to a Christmas party gone awry, and to all the lonely longing souls of winter.

Marianne wrote a letter to Santa Claus, asking him to please bring her a real man, not a boy, this year. Amparo plucked her guitar and the two friends celebrated with a glass of Tecate the birth of a new song.

Tucson's wandering chanteuse Marianne Dissard and Barcelona rock star Amparo Sanchez (Amparanoia) met when Amparo collaborated with Calexico's Joey Burns. With families away, their men away or gone missing, the two friends passed away time writing songs on a quiet Christmas eve. This one happened to have been written and recorded in Naïm Amor's house while he was away somewhere.

The song was chosen by the mythical Münich label Trikont for its celebrated Christmas compilation series, alongside The Ramones, Booker T. and Ernest Tubb's Blue Christmas.


(French lyrics translated in English below)

(avec Amparo Sanchez)

pour Noël, cher Santa,
je voudrais un homme, un vrai, pas un garçon.
mon addresse, tu connais.
y a pas de cheminée, pardon.

je ne crois plus au père noel, c'est bien dommage.
j'ai attendu si sagement, debout après le réveillon. j'étais si sage.

deux ou trois fois, j'ai cru, ça y est! la bonne blague.
qu'il dévalait la cheminée mais ce n'était que le vent frais.

y'en avait du monde à noel, des gens bizarres,
avec des cadeaux et du vin
mais ça se voyait dans leurs rires fins,
des gens sans larmes.

pour noel, ne t'embête pas,
je ne veux qu'une chose,
pas de joujou, bijoux, pas de clefs d'un immeuble,
je veux juste un homme, merci.

tu ne crois plus au pere noel,
c'est bien dommage.
tu attendais si sagement après le réveillon,
comme une image,
on aurait dit que tu pleurais,
pas improbable,
on voulait te consoler

je croyais tant au pere noel,
tu ne crois plus au pere noel,
tu croyais tant au pere noel,
tu ne crois plus au pere noel.

----------------------------------- ENGLISH TRANSLATION ---------

For Christmas, dear Santa,
I'd like a man, a real one, not a boy.
You have my address already.
Sorry, I don't have a chimney.

I don't believe in Santa Claus, that's too bad.
I waited so sweetly and quietly, stayed up after the evening,
I was such a good girl.

Two or three times, I thought, that's for now (what a joke it turned out to be!),
and he is coming down the chimney... but it was only a draft of fresh wind.

There were a lot of people for Christmas, weird folks,
with gifts and wine,
but you could tell from their thin and very fine laughs,
these were folks without tears.

For Christmas, don't fret too much about it,
I only want one thing.
No toys, no jewels, no keys to a building,
I just want a man. Thanks.

I don't believe in Santa Claus,
That's too bad.
You were waiting so quietly after the evening ended,
quiet as a mouse (pretty as a picture).
It almost looked like you were crying.
That's not improbable.
We wanted to console you.
I was inconsolable.

I believed in Santa Claus so much.
You don't believe in Santa anymore.
You believed in Santa so much.
I don't believe in Santa anymore.


released December 25, 2008
Marianne Dissard - lyrics, vocals
Amparo Sanchez - music, guitar, vocals


all rights reserved



Marianne Dissard

French-born American desert noir chanteuse crafts baroque Sonoran art rock chanson from Tucson and beyond.

Street photographer, performer, brutally honest author.

Left her home in Tucson, Arizona for a dream boat in England.

“An eccentric character who releases very fine and wonderful records, in fact so eccentric she once toured the French Pyrénées on foot with a donkey” (Marc Riley, BBC6)
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