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COMPILATION / Les Draps Sourds

by Marianne Dissard




I compiled here some of the many ways we've recorded the song 'Les Draps Sourds' over the years.

Joey Burns (Calexico) wrote the music.

We made a sexy video in Tucson at Hotel Congress in 2008 with guest appearances by Philippe Katerine and Dominique A., ... and my yoga teacher in the bed.


2006 "Dedicated To Your Walls. May They Keep Blooming", the home-demo recordings to what would become....
2008 "L'Entredeux", the first 'official' album..
but before that....
2007 we experimented on "The Bluebeard Sessions" and then
much touring occurred in Europe
during which we recorded more 'Les Draps Sourds', the road versions
2010 "Paris One Takes" +
2014 "Cologne Vier Takes".

There are other versions floating out there from live recordings. Send me any you find!

Musicians on the recordings include Joey Burns, Matt Mitchell, John Convertino, Brian Lopez, Yan Péchin, Thøger Lund, Vicki Brown, French Tourist, Sergio Mendoza, Geoff Hidalgo, Oliver Samouillan, Gabriel Sullivan ... Many thanks to all of them and to the engineers.


released January 1, 2015

LYRICS fr/en


D’abord, d’abord, c’était le chat,
quand il y a eu la pluie.
Il s’est mis dessous les draps.
Il a fait comme chez lui.
Mais nous, on s’en foutait.
Et sous les draps mouilllés,
on a continué,
Et on s’est aimé.

La porte s’est ouverte
sur ton meilleur ami
qui n’y voyait plus clair,
et qui s’est cru chez lui.
Mais nous, on s’en foutait.
Et dans le lit glacé, on a continué,
et on s’est aimé.

Toute la nuit, des coups,
à la porte, aux fenêtres.
Des amis de partout,
des voisins, des éclairs.
Mais nous, on s’en foutait.
On n’en a rien vu, et on s’est aimé,

LES DRAPS SOURDS (the deaf sheets)

First off, first off, it was the cat,
when the rain came on down,
It sneaked in, under the sheets,
as if they were his own.
But us, we didn’t care.
And under the wet sheets,
we kept going at it,
yes, we kept at it.

Next on, the door opened,
and it was your best friend,
he wasn’t walking straight
he thought he’d made it home.
But us, we didn’t care.
And in the busy bed, we kept going at it,
and we kept at it.

And all night long, we heard
bangs and hits on the doors,
Friends from everywhere,
neighbors, even thunder.
But us, we didn’t care.
We didn’t hear a thing, and we kept at it


all rights reserved



Marianne Dissard

French-born American desert noir chanteuse crafts baroque Sonoran art rock chanson from Tucson and beyond.

Street photographer, performer, brutally honest author.

Left her home in Tucson, Arizona for a dream boat in England.

“An eccentric character who releases very fine and wonderful records, in fact so eccentric she once toured the French Pyrénées on foot with a donkey” (Marc Riley, BBC6)
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